You’re a muted neutral!

Congratulations! You’ve found your season


Muted Neutrals can wear colors from all four color seasons! However, it is important to be consistent throughout your wardrob. Your clothing, make-up, hair color, and jewelry should either be in the warm color seasons (spring or autumn) or the cool color seasons (summer or winter) for a cohesive look. Being that you are a muted neutral, you will look best in soft, muted, and heathered colors!



Warm colors: light golden yellows, earthy greens, beiges, and corals

Cool colors: icy & rosy pinks, light grays, smoky blues, and rosy browns


REDS: True red, sangria, apple, garnet


BETTER THAN BLACK COLORS: Muted neutrals will look better avoiding black. Choose these colors instead:

Warm: Walnut, pine, peacock
Cool: Nautical, sterling, peacock



Look for neutral toned make-up.

Warm: Goldens, honey, browns, peach
Cool: Rosy pinks, mauve, pinky browns



Warm: strawberry blonde, golden brown, honey tones, and dark brown
Cool: ash tones



Warms: Yellow gold, brass, bronze, or copper
Cools: Silver, white gold, rose gold


Take the MUTED NEUTRAL color card with you whenever you go shopping!