You’re a summer!

Congratulations! You’ve found your season


COLORS: Smokey blues and rosy pinks will be your go-to colors. Think soft and muted colors!

REDS: Choose reds with a little blue tones added to it, or True Red!

BETTER THAN BLACK COLORS: Nautical, Peacock, and Sangria


Look for cool tone makeup when selecting foundations and powders.
Colors with words such as rose, mauve, plum will make you POP! Think soft and muted.

Foundation & Powder: Cool tones with pink undertones.
Blush: Cool pinks or dusty rose.
Bronzers: Should usually avoid or look for one with a pink undertone.
Eye Shadow: Rose, mauves, and plums! Stay clear of golds and yellows.
Lips: Pinks or plums with a blue base. Raspberry, dusty rose, or magenta.
Mascara: Brown. Avoid black.


HAIR: Ash colors. Light, medium, or dark.


JEWELRY: Silver, white gold, and rose gold jewelry will pull it all together!


Take the SUMMER color card with you whenever you go shopping!

–Remember that you are not limited to these colors! Twenty-five percent of all colors are in your color season. Use this as a guide to selecting colors that coordinate with your color palette!